To meet the needs of our participants our course features:

  • A full-time study mode that follows an apprenticeship model of 48 months or until the relevant competencies are achieved.
  • A model that recognizes work history and offers RPL.
  • A model that offers Credit Transfer
  • A timetable that allows people to continue working
  • A timetable that fits with families – school terms where possible for people with children
  • A high quality tried and tested learning platform that will not have major issues for us to manage as a small RTO
  • Training and assessment must be undertaken in a real or very closely simulated workplace environment and we have been given the “pink slip” at our Revesby premises for the simulated space
  • A practical workshop/ classroom space that will give trainers and assessors the flexibility to accommodate individual student’s needs
  • The option of individual training plans
  • Computer access and coaching in how to use Energy Space on site as a support if needed
  • Phone and email support for students studying in Energy Space at other times. Times and phone numbers to ring for support will be provided on the ETC website.
  • Complete and thorough records of training and assessments are essential as this course leads to work and licensing in a high-risk trade occupation. We can have a seamless system for records using Energy Space for most of the retention of assessment.

We are a technology-based RTO that follows and supports the student experience from enquiry to graduation with good communications, good data and are always open to feedback. Our networks and recommendations are very important to the success of the RTO. Every individual is important.

The campus at Revesby provides quality teaching and learning facilities for students. The training facilities have been set up to run classroom based training sessions, to support the learning and assessment programs we offer.

The campus includes well-appointed facilities that offer a comfortable learning environment. We have internet access as well as electrical test equipment to facilitate your learning.


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